The tools and utilities on my website can be used at your own risk. If someone finds that copyrights are being violated please contact me via e-mail. Course 3007 DIB changer

This is a collection of scriptfiles that will copy the DIBfiles 
for the troubleshooting scenario's for Novell course 3007

If you own the (self) study kit for this course you can setup your environment with NetWare 5.1 and 6, Windows 2000 and Linux and copy the troubleshooting scenario's to the 4 servers. You can setup the menu-structure that ships with the course material but the scripts i provide here a simpler and easier to install.

The readme.txt in the ZIP-file explains how to use the scriptfiles

Version 1.1 Sept 2003

This program checks groups and users for any inconsistencies.
If a user is added as a member of a group NWAdmin and ConsoleOne actually perform 4 actions;

- the user is added as a member in the member list of the group
- the user is added as a member in the security equal to me list of the group
- the group is added to the group membership list of the user
- the group is added to the security equal to me list of the user

If any of these actions fail the eDirectory references for the user and group are inconsistent.
You will only have noticeable problems with users and groups for example in the Application Launcher if doesn't list apps assigned to a group for which the group says that the user is a member but for which the user doesn't list the group in it's group membership list.
The program only checks the tree, you will have to fix the errors yourself.

Updated in version 1.1: results can be exported to a file This program allows you to create an LDIF-file with a few or tens of thousands of users. That LDIF-file can than be uploaded into the directory with the Import Conversion and Export (ICE) utility (available as a wizard in ConsoleOne or as ICE.NLM - the NLM has much more features linke importing CSV-files). Another tool to create LDIF, CSV or XML files to import users into an LDAP directory or other systems. Works with a GUI with configurable fields. With thanks to the author: Lindsay Curtis at Novell and Nikki Halligan, Novel UK, for providing me with the program. This file contains a few small tools from Novell DeveloperNet that you can use to create reports or count the number of objects in your NDS Tree.
dssnoop.exe Small but powerful tool that let's you browse the tree and the schema. It also works without authentication to show you what's available to [Public]. Program to show a message on the screen during login. Start it via the login script or an application object. Can be terminated by timer and/or by the user with an OK button. Change the bitmap of the Novell Client loginscreen.

You can also do this manually by creating a bitmap of 620 x 113 pixels and placing the full path to the file in the following registry key String Value:


 But with this small program by Jaco Burger - Novell Consulting South Africa it's much easier.

WinISO WinISO is a CD-ROM image file utility that can convert BIN to ISO, extract/edit/create ISO files directly, make bootable CDs and as a BIN/ISO converter/extractor/editor. Empty Virtual Floppy, formatted with FAT
Empty IDE disk, formatted with FAT. There is a separate file for Workstation v4 (also works with ACE and GSX Server v3.x) and one natively created with Workstation v5. This virtual floppy contains all the NLM's and IDE / SCSI drivers you might need with NetWare With this virtual floppy you can boot your Virtual Workstation in MS-DOS and login to a NetWare server via TCP/IP Fillzero fills the NetWare-volumes with zeroes so that NetWare Volumes can be shrinked. To read how to succesfully shrink your disks check out this tip.

Tip: fillzero.nlm without any parameters shrinks volume SYS, but you can also fill other volumes with zeroes by using the following command:

          fillzero.nlm data:fillzero.tmp NW4-IDLE and NW5-IDLE take of idling the Virtual Machine CPU (Do not use this with VMware versions 4.x, you won't need them anymore and they can even slow down performance)
50 Mb plain SCSI disk
100 Mb plain SCSI disk
200 Mb plain SCSI disk
500 Mb plain SCSI disk
1 Gb plain SCSI disk
2 Gb plain SCSI disk
4 Gb plain SCSI disk
8 Gb plain SCSI disk
10 Gb plain SCSI disk
20 Gb plain SCSI disk
30 Gb plain SCSI disk  
NEW!! Plain disks can be created with VMware version 4: when you create a disk you can select: allocate space now. (See the NetWare - VMware 4 page for this)

Plain disks to use with VMware and clustering. (E-mail me if you need a larger disk)

These files are zipped twice. The first zipped file contains the plain disk file (10 Gb for example) and is 10 Mb in size. If the same file is zipped again it becomes a zip file of about 25 Kb. So you can now download files up to 30 Gb in size.

With thanks to Paul Lush  for his tip to compress the files twice.